Write your story



Qty: 1000
Total cost: £199
Per leaflet: 20 pence


Qty: 2500
Total cost: £229
Per leaflet: 9.2 pence


Qty: 5000
Total cost: £299
Per leaflet: 6 pence

The package prices are subject to change due to fluctuation in printing costs. We try to make sure these prices about are current and up-to-date but we will confirm the current prices with you before going ahead with your leaflet.

We can only go ahead with creating the artwork and having it printed once we received full payment.

Cheques can be made payable to ‘The BAM Project’ for the full amount of your package. At this stage we are not able to accept card payments.
What the price includes:

  • Everything! Both the creation of the artwork and the printing and delivery of the leaflets.

…Artwork for your leaflet will be created based on the text and images you supply.
What you need to supply us with:

  • Your story (Max. of 1350 words)
  • Images to use within your story to make it a bit more visual*.

*Please note that we can’t use images you find on Google as there are copyright issues. Have a look at the following websites which provide free to use images:
www.dreamstime.com/free-photos (click on the ‘Free’ option in the header)


Please note that many of the free stock photo sites feature ‘sponsored’ or ‘paid for’ images, so just make sure that the images you select are the free to use images rather than commercial images.

As most of the stock image websites mentioned require you to register before you can download images it is easier if you simply select the website address to the individual image and copy and paste it at the end of your story text.


Send us the web address of each image (as shown above) and we will able to download them as we are registered with the websites.

Artwork Proofs

Once we have your story and images we will create the artwork to send to the printer. Prior to sending it we will email you a PDF copy of the artwork. You will need to go through it and check for any errors. If you have any amendments you will need to email us with the text that you want changed (so we can locate it) and what you want it changed to. Please be as thorough as you can in checking for errors, as the more times it sent backwards and forwards between us the longer it will be before you receive your leaflets. Once you are happy with the leaflet and have no further changes you need to email us to confirm you have signed off the artwork and that we can send it to the printers. Once we receive this email you will not be able to make any more changes, so please make sure you are fully satisfied with the artwork. We are not accountable for any errors in the printed leaflet that were not spotted prior to you signing off the artwork.


Your leaflets will be sent directly from the printING company to an address that you provide us with. We will email to let you know roughly when to expect it by. We are able to monitor the delivery process and can check when your leaflets have been delivered. If you have any problems or don’t receive delivery when expected please contact us and we will look into the issue.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions or need further explanation of the process we will be happy for you to contact us. You can do so by calling Euan Lockwood on 07788581661 or emailing studio@thebamproject.com.