About I dare you to read it

The BAM Project was conceived by Nathan Weaver. There’s a passage in the Bible (1 Corinthians 9:22) where Paul (the writer) talks about bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ into people’s lives by all means. This is what BAM stands for. Whilst thinking about this passage Nathan felt challenged to come up with some way of being able to communicate the Good News of Jesus. He came up with the concept of a handy, contemporary designed, multi-panel leaflet that tells the reader a little of his story and presents the Good News that Jesus Christ is not only relevant to everyone but has done all that’s necessary for people to have a personal and vibrant relationship with the God of the whole universe. By the very nature of having a stack of leaflets to give out, the idea was that it would require Nathan to become more intentional in speaking to people he meets and giving them a copy of his story, with the challenge to them to dare to read it.

As Nathan began to write his story and the leaflet took shape he talked to other Christian leaders about what he was doing. Many were inspired and challenged to write their stories and asked Nathan to help them do so. It’s from here that the concept came about to create a package so that anyone who has a story to tell of the life-transforming power of Jesus Christ in their lives can put together their own words and have them printed as a leaflet to give to people they meet during their day to day lives.

As well as people’s stories going on printed leaflets, there was the great opportunity for them to get their stories out to a wider audience on the internet, which is why idareyoutoreadit.org was set up. Each story that is printed is added to the website in the hope that other people who may have had similar experience to the writers can search through them and see that Jesus Christ can make a real and eternal difference to their lives.

There is huge potential for Christians to tell their stories of a life changed by Jesus Christ and point others in His direction. If 1,000 people sign up to The BAM Project’s ‘I dare you to read it’ initiative and each ordered 1,000 of their own story leaflets, that has the potential to communicate the Gospel to 1,000,000 people in such a personal and non-threatening way. It’s really that simple!